Everyone loves festivals. Especially in India, vibrant and colorful. The culturally rich land of India celebrates a vast range of festivals on its soil. Holi, Eid, Diwali, Christmas and many more, the beautify of India is magnified by these festivals!! Corporates celebrate a day prior to the festival so that they can spend some fun-filled time with their employees and colleagues. Few games are conducted which are related to the festival, the whole office fills with joy, I mostly wait for the snacks distributed at the office. I love food 😊 We were asked to wear Indian traditional outfit on Ganesh Pooja. I love traditional wear, but I am the kind of person, who doesn’t like to deck up to work. Come on, we go to the office and work all day. How can I be in an Indian traditional outfit, which causes so much inconvenience even for 2-3 hours! I want to look good as well, as nobody will leave this opportunity to wear those Heavy work sarees, Anarkali work dresses and those Manish Malhotra style ghagras and I didn’t want to be the odd one out. Hmmm… My sense of fashion creativity clicked, ahhaa !!! Yellow and Black – What do you think? Being a South Indian, I don’t mind going with the combination! Here, you go!! I have combined Plain black kurta with plain black leggings, seems simple, right? 😊 to give that festive mood, I wore this vibrant yellow color phulkari dupatta. Shine like a Sunshine 😊 and don’t forget to wear that smile on your face 🙂 It is comfortable as well as looks as lively as festivals!! Here I present the picture to give you a better idea!! 

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Until next time, Be healthy and happy in Swag!!

Published by Kiss, Love Life!!

Hi There! I am so excited to start my new blog "Kiss, Love Life"! It is all about very simple things in our lives. I have recently moved to Bengaluru and I am finding this place very interesting. I work in one of the MNC's as an incident manager. I am looking out for an opportunity to share little secrets of my life and here I am. It's all about shopping, styling, food, shopping hauls, skin and hair care routine, occasions and celebrations!! Let's celebrate life together!! Thank you for stopping by!!

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